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Thermo Electric


We have dedicated manufacturing and testing facilities located in The Netherlands. Our temperature sensing products are supplied direct from our headquarters to our customers.

This dedicated production and engineering hub allows us to efficiently supply you, our customer, with our complete product range, through sales and service centres across the globe.

High Standards & Efficient Supply

Our dedicated central production and engineering facilities allow us to maintain our high standards and best practice in engineering and design. This expertise is reflected in the efficient supply of Thermo Electric temperature sensors and in our consistent achievement of quality in the field.

Our test facilities:

  • Functional performance test
  • Loop resistant test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Dye penetration test
  • Pressure test
  • Calibration test from -200 °C up to 1,500 °C (RvA / ILAC)

  • Calibration test for each instrument, mV, mA, Ohms and V (RvA / ILAC)
  • Vacuum test
  • Helium leak test
  • PMI test (in-house)


  • Vortex stress calculation for thermowell
  • X-ray’s
  • Welding robot
  • Manufacturing record book
  • Quality inspection plan
  • Explosion safe certificate Exi, Exe, Exd and Exn
  • Material certificate (NACE, 3,1)
  • Cleaning for oxygen service
  • Visual inspection
  • Dimensional check

  • Drawings for approval
  • WPS and PQR for welded thermowell
  • Batch certificate
  • Certificate of origin
  • Certificate of conformance
  • CSA/US
  • IEC/EX
  • ATEX
  • GOST K
  • GOST R

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