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Thermo Electric



Thermo Electric Instrumentation specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of Thermo Electric spike and profile thermocouples to both original equipment manufacturers and end-users.

Temperature sensing and product development

We have remained at the forefront of technology for temperature sensing within the semiconductor and solar industries for many years. Consequently we have developed a number of key proprietary features in our processes. It is these manufacturing processes that provide us with our competitive advantage and our unique positioning.

Key features and benefits of spike and profile thermocouples:

  • The use of single ceramic insulation sleeves – up to ten channels
  • Lightweight handles, aluminium or anodised complete with simple assembly features
  • Positive and negative t/c wires over the whole length (no common return)
  • Stronger construction – less chance of breakage
  • Improved positioning of measurement points – ensuring greater accurate Delta T measurements
  • Simplified decontamination procedures

Extraordinary care and calibration

We manufacture all of our spike and profile thermocouples in our purpose- built clean room. Extraordinary care is taken to ensure that each sensor is manufactured to the highest degree of quality.

Each thermocouple is supplied with a calibration report to national standards and conforms to the latest international specifications and criteria. 

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